How to fight cancer in the breast?

Brief introduction:

Many people are of the opinion that cancer is a deadly disease. Of course, it is a deadly disease, but thanks to our medical scientists, they have now come out with various medicines and other medical procedures by which you can effectively manage the disease. If the disease is diagnosed early, then it can be cured completely. There are hundreds of people who are affected by cancer, but they are leading a normal life. Basically, cancer which is also called as malignant tumor is nothing but abnormal growth of cells. Researchers have identified about 100 different types or categories of cancers that can affect human beings.

Breast Cancer

Common type of cancer:

Some of the types of cancer are those affecting the bladder, liver, lung, ovary, kidney, breast, thyroid, brain and so on. Breast is one of organs in the human body which is known to be commonly affected by this ailment. This type of cancer can affect both male and female and statistics show that female has a higher incidence of breast cancer as compared to male. In fact, medical science classifies cancer affecting the breast as a common type of cancer. Although cancer affecting the breast is considered to be a dangerous ailment, it can be effectively managed if diagnosed at an early stage. This type of cancer is caused by malignant tissues in the breast. Unfortunately, this disease does not get detected at an early stage itself. As physicians say the symptoms of this type of cancer manifests itself when the cancer cells have substantially or fully grown up. But, that does not mean to say, the disease will not give out any symptoms. There are symptoms like presence of a lump or a feeling of a lump or knot in the breast, withdrawal of nipples, discharge of blood from the nipple, skin getting thick on the breast, or nodes near the armpit are some of the known symptoms of this ailment. But, unfortunately, most of the people ignore such symptoms for the simple reason; they are unaware of the fact that these are symptoms of cancer disease. They rush to the physician only when they experience miserable pain or discomfort in the breast by which time the disease would have affected considerable portion of the breast. But, these symptoms do not necessarily mean that the person is affected by cancer. Once the symptoms surface, the person should undergo several tests to establish presence of cancerous cells. It is only then the physician will categorize the ailment as cancer.

Breast Cancer

The ailment can be cured:

Once the symptoms surfaces, the person should visit the physician who would physically examine the affected part and also examine the general health of the patient. The physician would normally suggest mammogram, which is a pathological test conducted to ascertain the presence of cancerous cells. If the mammogram shows the presence of cancerous cells, then the person is said to be suffering from breast cancer. After the mammogram, the physician may suggest several other tests to evaluate the growth of cancerous cells. After all these, the physician would decide on the line of treatment. The treatment normally consists of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and in severe cases, surgical intervention is also undertaken. By surgical intervention the surgeon would remove the cancerous cells from the breast.  Again, depending on the severity, the surgeon may even decide to remove the affected breast either in full or in part. Normally after surgery the physician may suggest radiation therapy so as to prevent the re-growth of cells in the affected part. In addition to theses, the physician will prescribe several medicines. The question that naturally arises is; whether cancer can be cured? As already said cancer can be effectively managed and cured if it is detected at an early stage. But, the medical science is yet to find out permanent cure for this ailment. But, medical scientists are of the opinion the ailment can be effectively prevented. To achieve this, medical scientists suggest that the person should give up smoking and alcohol. He must have regular physical exercises and good eating habits. The food should be rich in nutrients, fiber, antioxidants and less on trans fat, meat, junk food, certain types of carbohydrates and so on. The person should have good sleeping habits. As you may be aware, many renowned medical scientists are conducting research to combat this ailment. These scientists are confident that the dreaded cancer ailment will be conquered in the near future.